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New Whisky Barrel Collection

31 July 2018

Check out our exciting new collection of oak Scottish whisky barrels - all are waiting for a new home to fill with a pleasant aroma and a taste of history.


The sturdy, dark-oak barrels, repurposed after years of being seasoned in whisky distilleries, make beautifully rustic garden features and furniture as well as outdoor tables for pubs and bars.


The casks come in a range of sizes from approximately 90cm in height to the fantastically extra-large Puncheon Barrel, which stand at over a metre tall and are ideal to be used as unique table tops.


All the barrels, which range in price from £60 to £175, are available to buy direct from our website.


Our launch of the new whisky cask collection is a result of discovering wine barrels had become scarce in recent years. Some of the top vineyards in France had started to hold onto their barrels for extra seasons after a poor harvest, meaning they had few to sell - and those that were available soared in price.


After looking at other options, we discovered decommissioned barrels from Scottish whisky distilleries. The ever-popular wine barrels also remain in stock after a new supplier was found and are currently available for purchase.


Director Jason Frost said: “Though traditionally used for storing and fermenting whisky, our new collection of barrels make great outdoor furniture or garden features. 


“They are a darker, richer colour than wine barrels and also have a pleasant aroma. Having come from some of the oldest whisky distilleries in the UK they also come with a piece of history too.


“While we originally sourced whisky casks as an alternative to wine barrels, which have been in short supply, they are already proving equally popular and with new stock available from our vineyards in France, they both equally complement our collection of alternative garden features beautifully.”


The standard whisky barrels, currently on sale at £60, have a capacity of 200 litres and include traditional hand curved staves and metal bands and a variety of finishing touches with some daubed with paint around the bilge. 



The oak Hogshead Barrels, priced at £95.00, are favoured by Scotch Whisky distillers due to their larger size. These are made from standard barrels which have been broken down and reassembled with new ends. Allowing a higher capacity, some experts believe these casks allow the whisky to mature better. 



The Puncheon Barrels are the largest in the collection and are £175.00 each.



For more information please contact us on 01435 860 888 or visit our website

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