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Log Baskets built to last - Up to 30% savings!

15 January 2019

Our traditional Wrought Iron Log Baskets are a fireside essential with our two open designs allowing air to circulate, keeping your fuel fresh & dry ready for your crackling Winter fire. Prices start from just £70.00! 


Hand wrought from heavy duty iron, our log holders are extremely detailed and resilient. These high end fireplace accessories are a wonderful alternative to Wicker log baskets with their ability to stand the test of time. 


They are also often used as braziers – an ideal centrepiece for your garden parties! 



We have 2 different designs available to choose from at fantastic prices!




Gothic Log Basket

Our classic styled Gothic log baskets look great next to an open fire and wood burning stove. Choose from 5 different sizes and enjoy over 30% off: 

45cm  |  WAS £127.00  |  NOW £70.00

47cm  |  WAS £132.00  |  NOW £72.50

50cm  |  WAS £138.00  |  NOW £85.00

55cm  |  WAS £149.00  |  NOW £95.00

60cm  |  WAS £160.00  |  NOW £112.00


Knotted Log Basket

Available in one size at 67cm high, our Knotted Basket allows your wood to be stored in style! Each one is unique and bent & twisted by hand. 

WAS £138.00  |  NOW £85.00 

For any further information on these products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.

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