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All you need to know about Balau decking

4 July 2019

What is Balau Timber?

Balau is a native Asian wood, where, given its durability, it is widely used within the construction industry. Over recent years it has significantly increased in popularity in both Europe and America, with high-end customers recognising the attributes that make it particularly suitable for use as garden decking.


Renowned for its colouration, Balau boards tend to range from light to dark brown. When the different shades are fitted together, an impressive, eye-catching, rich, dark and unique deck is achieved, especially when wet (perfect for an English summer). Due to this beautiful colouration, Balau hardwood decking finishes any garden or landscape perfectly.


Balau may contain some small microscopic holes called Pinworm holes. These are not a defect in the boards, but a natural occurrence called Pinworm, which is allowed for in industry guidelines. Pinworm is not detrimental to the structure of the striking timber.



How do I protect my Balau decking?

Some companies pre-finish their decking timber before selling, however, Round Wood believes in keeping everything as natural as possible. 

There are many ways to protect and finish your decking and depending on how you want your decking to look once complete, some can be considered to be more advantageous than others.


Balau decking can be left untreated to weather down over time, or, can be treated with penetrating oils. Treatex, which is also available at Round Wood, is an exterior wood finish that can slow the ageing process of your decking boards. This particular decking oil is made on a base of natural, sustainable raw materials including; sunflower oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil.


Please call 01435 867072 to speak with a member of our team.


How do I repair damage to my Balau decking?

Some damages are to be expected once your decking has been exposed, not only to the elements but to children, pets, shoes and furniture. However, some scratches and scuff marks are quick to repair with the easy 3-step method;



1.   Clean

2.   Sand back the damaged area

3.   Re-oil


If your decking is discoloured, it may only need scrubbing with hot soapy water to give it a new lease of life. However, for mould and mildew, and faded or stained decks, you will probably need to use a cleaning product specifically made for cleaning and restoring decks. Make sure you always scrub in the direction of the grain of the wood so you do not rough up the surface and edges.


For further information on cleaning or repairing your decking, give us a call on 01435 867072


Finishing Touches

To ensure your decking is best suited to your outdoor space and specific needs Round Wood offers a unique range of decking components, (all available in Balau) these include;


Balau handrails, baserails, infill, posts and spindles.


Round Wood's latest offer on 140mm x 19mm Balau Decking boards*  Now only £41.93 per m2


20% off orders of 50m2 or more!

15% off orders between 20-50m2!

10% off orders under 20m2!


*NOTE: These boards have more Pinworm holes than standard.



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