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Garden Decking; Hardwood & Softwood

Hardwood & Softwood Decking

When it comes to decking, oak isn't our only speciality. Over the years we have developed a range of decking boards that are durable and attractive, yet competitively priced. Unlike the standard decking available at traditional timber merchants, our boards will provide years of service. Our hardwood range includes ipe, balau, cumaru and oak. We do offer softwoods, but only species with high-end credentials such as cedar and Siberian larch. We are also the UK distributor of the eco-friendly Thermory range of ash and pine decking, which has been kilned to extremely high temperatures in a chemical-free process to add stability. Our decking accessories include balustrade, oils, tools and a number of innovative fastenings. Our lead time for decking is typically within 5 days from the point of order.

Decking & How To Care For It

What are the different types of decking?

When it comes to choosing your decking there are many factors you'll probably consider, Hardwood or Softwood? Finished or unfinished? Light or Dark boards? but it doesn't have to be complicated. With our 20 years of experience working with timber of all kinds, our friendly and knowledgeable timber team are here to help you answer those pivotal questions. Round Wood of Mayfield cuts, treats and supplies a range of hardwood decking. From tropical Balau and Ipe to more traditional options such as sustainably sourced and harvested oak. Renowned for their colourations, tropical boards tend to range from light to dark brown with orange or red undertones. When the different shades are fitted together, an impressive, eye-catching, rich, dark and unique deck is achieved, especially when wet (perfect for an English summer). 

Some boards may contain some small microscopic holes. These are not a defect in the boards, it’s a natural occurrence called Pinworm. This is allowed for in industry guidelines and are not detrimental to the structure of the striking timber.

How do I protect my decking?
Some companies pre-finish their decking timber before selling however, Round Wood believes in keeping everything as natural as possible to allow for modifications to be made and to allow you to make your decking perfect for you.
There are many ways to protect and finish your decking and depending on how you want your decking to look once complete, some can be considered to be more advantageous than others. Decking can be left untreated to weather down over time, or, can be treated with penetrating oils. Treatex, which is also available at Round Wood, is an exterior wood finish which provides protection from UV rays. This particular decking oil is made on a base of natural, sustainable raw materials including; sunflower oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil.

How do I repair damage to my decking?
Some damages are to be expected once your decking has been exposed, not only to the elements but to children, pets, shoes and furniture. However, some scratches and scuff marks are quick to repair with the easy 3-step method;
1. Clean 
2. Sand back the damaged area
3. Re-oil
If your decking is discoloured, it may only need scrubbing with hot soapy water to give it a new lease of life. However, for mould and mildew, and faded or stained decks, you will probably need to use a cleaning product specifically made for cleaning and restoring decks. Make sure you always scrub in the direction of the grain of the wood so you do not rough up the surface and edges.

For further information on cleaning or repairing your decking, give us a call on 01435 867 072

Decking Samples

We are able to send out small postable samples of our decking free of charge, along with our product brochure. These will be sufficient to give you an indication of the grading & grain of the selected board style. Please note, however, that as decking is manufactured from a natural product, board colouration can vary - even between those cut from the same tree. To request a sample simply call our sales team on 01435 867 072 or use our contact form to send us an e-mail.

Square & Linear Metres


Our decking prices are displayed per square metre (m2) on our category pages as this is the unit of measurement that deck areas are generally considered in. To calculate the square metre size of an area to be decked, simply measure its length and width in metres and multiply the two together. Your boards will lie along, or in the direction of, your decks ‘length’ and across its ‘width’.


A ‘linear metre’ (lm) of decking board simply provides a ‘run’ of one metre at the face width of the board in question, (i.e. 140mm). Your linear metre requirement is the run you would achieve if you laid all the boards you need to cover your decking area end-to-end. So, if you need 50 boards at a length of 3-metres, your requirement is 150 linear metres. The square metre coverage this will achieve when the boards are laid side by side depends on the face width of the decking in question.


Please note that we fulfil all orders using an exact tally of boards from our available stock, matching your requirements as best as possible. As such, we convert all square metre orders to linear metres and round all linear metre orders to the nearest board. We are unable to cut boards down from their stock sizes.

Square to Linear Conversion

The calculation required to convert square metres to linear metres can, on first impressions, seem rather complicated. It helps to think in terms of the number of linear metres required to cover an area of 1 square metre, (1m x 1m). To calculate this, first assume that the 1m ‘length’ of the area is always covered by 1m long decking boards.

Then, establish how many boards need to be laid side by side to cover the areas 1m ‘width’. As we allow 5mm for spacing alongside each board, we assume a 140mm wide decking board provides 145mm width of face coverage. (Please note, not all decking boards are fitted with 5mm spacing, but this is a fair average to adopt for the purposes of a standard calculation).

Given that the total width of the area to be covered is 1m (or 1000mm), a total of 6.9 boards are required, (1000mm ÷ 145mm). If these boards are laid to end, they would provide a total linear metre run of 6.9 – the amount required to cover a one square metre area.

This ratio can be used to calculate the linear metre equivalent of any m2 area being covered by a 140mm wide board and vice versa. For instance: 50 square metres x 6.897 = 344.85 linear metres 100 linear metres ÷ 6.897 = 14.5 square metres


A simple formula can be used to establish the conversion ratio for any width of decking board:

Conversion ratio = 1000 ÷ (width of board in mm + 5mm)

Some common examples, rounded to two decimal places:

90mm Board = 1000 ÷ 95 = 10.53

140mm Board = 1000 ÷ 145 = 6.90

145mm Board = 1000 ÷ 150 = 6.67

Square Metre Pricing

All decking boards should be fitted with appropriate spacing to allow for the contraction and expansion that occurs within any timber. Whilst the spacing used can vary according to taste and the timber in question, particularly when hidden fastenings are used, we always allow 5mm for the purposes of our calculations. This is an industry average at which most boards can be satisfactorily laid when fastened with screws.

It is important to note that our square metre prices are derived from our linear metre rate, taking spacing into account. This means that if you order decking to cover a 50m2 area, the amount you receive takes into account a 5mm space between each board.

As such, if you laid your boards flush alongside one another, without a gap, you would not cover the entire area. This does not mean that you are paying for ‘fresh air’ if you order an amount in m2. You are simply paying for the timber you need. If we calculated our prices without taking spacing into consideration, our square metre rates would actually be more expensive, as this example shows:

140mm Balau Decking = £5.29 per linear metre

Square metre conversion allowing for 5mm spacing: £5.29 x (1000 ÷ (140mm + 5mm)) = £36.50

Square metre conversion not allowing for spacing: £5.29 x (1000 ÷ 140) = £37.80

Please note that m2 prices are rounded to nearest five pence for calculation purposes. 

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