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The Faux Lead Garden Planter Range

Clayfibre Planters

Not only is this range authentic and traditional, it is also manufactured using natural materials. The Clayfibre collection offers a variety of attractive designs which all blend beautifully into any setting. These planters are highly popular for their unique characteristics such as uneven edges and colour/shade variation.

Clayfibre Garden Planters Photo Gallery

Faux Lead Clayfibre Garden Planters, Chelsea design; Box & Trough
Faux Lead Clayfibre Garden Planters; Boxes, Cylinders & Troughs
Faux Lead Clayfibre Garden Planters, Chelsea design; Box & Cylinders

View more photos in the Clayfibre Garden Planters Photo Gallery

Charming Clayfibre

Manufactured using natural materials, our charming Clayfibre range remains a firm favourite with customers courtesy of the authentic styling and finish offered. The best way to focus on your Clayfibre planters is to let them do their own thing; Clayfibre undergoes a natural yet gentle aging process during which, natural salts are emitted. This results in an attractive, misty grey/silver patina which can be attended to by occasionally wiping down with a damp cloth. These garden containers are popular for their natural finish and rustic characteristics which can include uneven edges, size variation of approximately 10% and colour/shade variations, even in planters manufactured from the same batch. A more uniform appearance gradually develops between the planters throughout the weathering process.

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