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ÖÖD Houses & Rooms

ÖÖD Houses & Rooms

These self-contained units are striking, yet sympathetic and blend into any surrounding courtesy of the insulated glazing that encases the front and side elevations. The rear is covered using eco-friendly Thermo-treated ash cladding (see External Thermory under Cladding) which conceals a service void. Such simplicity allows for many uses, from hotel accommodation to garden rooms. ÖÖD houses offer a stand-alone with living space for both residential and commercial purposes, while ÖÖD rooms offer stand-alone recreational spaces without the cost of a shower, kitchen and sleeping facilities.

ÖÖD Houses & Rooms Photo Gallery

ÖÖD Houses & Rooms beautifully reflect their surroundings and look particularly striking when placed in a woodland setting.
ÖÖD Houses & Rooms blend beautifully into any setting courtesy of the insulated glazing that covers the front and side elevations.
ÖÖD Houses & Rooms are the perfect way to connect with the outdoors, especially with a stylish decking area on the side.

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