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Wood Fuel

Wood Fuel

We produce and supply Oak logs, Oak blend briquettes (Eco-Nuggets) here on-site. As manufacture of oak framed structures, windows and doors we generate a high volume of offcuts and waste. With this waste, we mechanically compress it on-site into our popular Eco-Nuggets. Along with the fuel to keep you warm during the winter nights we also supply log baskets and stove fans to ensure the warmth is spread throughout your space.

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Mechanically compressed Eco-Nuggets produced from eco-friendly wood waste
14kg boxes of mechanically compressed Eco-Nuggets produced from eco-friendly wood waste
Mechanically compressed Eco-Nuggets produced from eco-friendly wood waste

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Eco-Nuggets - What are they?

As a company that works with pure, organic timber to create decking, cladding, flooring and even buildings, Round Wood of Mayfield found ourselves with a large quantity of timber waste. "We were looking for an environmentally friendly way to solve the problem, and Eco-Nuggets are perfect for that. These nuggets have allowed us to reduce our timber waste by 100%" explains Des Amanono, Group Operations Manager. But what exactly are Eco-Nuggets and how are they made? Eco-Nuggets are produced by compressing, predominantly oak, sawdust from our onsite mill. The low moisture content provides a high, easy to achieve, burning temperature, allowing their customers to enjoy the warm glow for longer this winter.

Our mill produces an average of 900kg of Eco-Nuggets a day and they are perfect for campfires, home wood burners, fire pits and ovens (including pizza ovens). Being so natural, Eco-Nuggets produce no dangerous gases or waste during or after use. No chemical treatment is used to produce these environmentally friendly nuggets, just pure timber and a lot of compressions.

Sold in quantities starting from 14kg boxes all the way to an 800kg super bag, we can help you stock up and keep warm all year round.

Contact a member of our Sales Team to get your box(s) of Eco-Nuggets today - 01435 867 072.

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