Standing out from the crowd is imperative for professional garden designers, and in a massively competitive market, clients want more than just cookie-cutter designs. They expect unique spaces reflecting their personality, style, and needs. But without differentiation, you could miss opportunities to establish a signature style and bolster your reputation.

In your next project, why not opt for garden features made from corten steel? From decorative fire pits and water features to practical edging and screens, corten steel allows you to create captivating, contemporary landscapes that impress clients and truly set you apart.


The Benefits of Choosing Corten Steel


Visual Flair

With its signature rust patina, corten steel immediately catches the eye and sparks intrigue. Our corten planters, screens and accents infuse spaces with artistic flair through their contrast of colours and eye-catching textures.

Unique Finish

Corten’s appeal lies in its dynamic weathering process. As seasons and exposure transform the patina, its outer tones evolve through rich reds, deep coppers, into darker, earthy browns.

Strength and Longevity

Beyond their visual allure, our corten steel range delivers lasting structural integrity. The material withstands decades of use without cracking, corroding, or falling into disrepair like other metals and garden materials.

The quality craftsmanship that goes into each piece we hold ensures they serve their purpose for generations.

Little to No Maintenance

Once the protective finish matures, corten needs no refinishing whatsoever. That means no stripping, sanding, re-oiling, or painting will be required during the life of the corten features you select. A simple and occasional rinse is all that’s needed.

You Can Rely on Round Wood of Mayfield

Beyond our vast range of creative corten steel products, made to set you apart and excite your clients, we offer plenty of additional advantages as your supplier, including:

Quality Craftsmanship

We source all of our corten steel garden features from the most renowned artists and suppliers from across the UK, selected for their unique finishes and uncompromising quality. Thanks to our team’s rigorous curation, our corten pieces will last in gardens for years to come.

Swift Delivery

We want you to meet your client deadlines and execute each project with ease and time to spare. With our fast order fulfilment and reliable UK delivery, you can trust us to provide the supplies you need to craft unforgettable outdoor spaces.

Skilled Consultation

Our in-house team offers insights gleaned from decades of experience working with leading garden designers. We provide guidance on selecting the right mix of products to realise your creative vision, whilst meeting your client’s needs and budget.

Industry Reputation

For over 30 years, prominent trade professionals have relied on Round Wood of Mayfield for premium corten steel creations, designed to impress and stand the test of time for clients.

“Very good service I brought a water feature a steel bowl that goes rusty. Sounds strange but lovley delivery was quick and good.”

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Make a Mark That Stays With Corten Steel

Distinguish yourself as a landscape professional who goes above and beyond, and browse our range of corten steel garden features today. If you need any help




Yes, they do.

Typically, around 6 to 9 months.

Yes, we have a wide range of sizes. Please see the product pages on our website to see a drop-down list of available sizes.

Yes, Corten steel resists the corrosive effects of rain, snow, ice, and fog by forming a protective coating over the metal. Corten steel is completely non-porous, meaning that water cannot get into the material to then freeze and effect it.

Yes, it could. Whilst your corten steel item is weathering it will produce a lot of carbon run-off (very fine particles of oxidized metal – rust), which will stain any porous surface it is placed on to, such as stone patios and wooden decking. Once your corten item has completely weathered, the amount of run-off will be significantly reduced to almost nothing. However, there may still be some that could leave marks. The staining should be reduced with the use of a pressure washer. Once your corten item has weathered to a point you are happy with aesthetically, you can seal it using Owatrol Rust Oil. Please note – using a varnish on the corten steel will affect the colour by making it appear darker and ‘wet’.