Gable Roof Oak Frame Building

Gable Roof

Where 2 roof slopes meet at the ridge forming an ‘A’ shape.

Hipped Roof oak frame building

Hipped Roof

Where all roof slopes meet at the ridge.

Barn-hip Roof oak framed building

Barn-hip Roof

Where the top part of the gable is replaced with a small hip.

Gablet Roof oak framed building


A small gable above a hipped roof.

Side Aisle oak framed building

Side Aisle

Catslide roof to the side of the garage bays most commonly used on hipped roofs, enclosed with weatherboard.

Half bay oak framed building

Half Bay

A full height additional storage area that is roughly half a standard bay size.

Log Store oak frame building

Log Store

Our standard log stores are open sided, supported off oak posts which are sat on staddle stones.

staddle stones oak frame building

Staddle Stones

Our independent posts are supported of granite or sandstone stones to keep the timber off the ground to prevent rotting.

Soleplates oak framed building


These are the timbers sat directly on the low-level brick plinths.

Eaves Beam oak frame building

Eaves Beam

The beam that supports the roof rafters at eaves level.

Tie Beam oak framed building

Tie Beam

The horizontal beam normally spanning between eaves beams to prevent roof spread.

Curved Braces oak framed building

Curved Braces

Also known as knee braces are a structural component of our frames.