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Douglas Fir Cube Feature
Douglas Fir Cube Feature

Douglas Fir Cube (Various Sizes)

  • Product Code
  • 9113
  • Material
  • Softwood
  • Profile
  • Square
  • Size
  • Quantity
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Product Information
  • Cut from Douglas Fir
  • Suitable for outside use, but can be used internally
  • Ideal plinth for garden features
  • Novel garden seating
  • Choice of sizes
Drying Out
These cubes arrive to us fresh sawn, but will have partially seasoned before being despatched. The timber will continue to dry over time according to its end environment, possibly resulting in some shaking and cracking, but this will only add character. As with all timbers, the cube will silver down through exposure to sunlight. Please note if using these cubes internally they will be more prone to splitting
Our cubes are a natural product that are stored outside in order to assist the seasoning process. As such, they may be weathered and partially silvered down. For an additional fee, we can restore the cube through sanding and oiling. This will also help delay the silvering process, although it can never be stopped completely.

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