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Mechanically compressed Eco Nuggets produced from eco-friendly wood waste
Mechanically compressed Eco Nuggets produced from eco-friendly wood waste

Barrow Bag of Eco Nuggets

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Product Information
  • Eco-Nugget Briquettes
  • Produced from recycled high-quality hardwood
  • High burn temperatures
  • Low ash content
  • Clean to handle
  • Easy to ignite
  • Can be used to light damp logs
  • Must be kept dry
  • Eco Nuggets in Barrow Bag measure 90mm in diameter and 50mm - 100mm in length
  • Approximate weight 90kg
  • Bag measurements: 50cm x 50cm x 90cm
Eco Logs
Eco log briquettes are mechanically pressed under extreme pressure at our mill, which is located in the heart of East Sussex. The briquettes are made from environmentally friendly wood waste and recycled sawdust collected when we machine our doors, windows, flooring, skirting and decking to complement our oak frame buildings all of which are made from high quality timbers. They have a low ash content and are also very clean to handle
VAT on Fuel
Please note that the price listed includes 5% Fuel VAT
Eco log briquettes are not only great value but also offer incredible heat which can be used for all Stoves and Open Fires as well as BBQ's, Fire pits and Chimineas. Eco log briquettes are a cleaner greener way to heat your home and a great alternative to other fossil fuels.
Lighting Up
Place on a bed of paper along with some kindling. Once lit place a few more of your Eco log briquettes on the fire. Sit back enjoy the warmth and watch them slowly burn away, topping up when needed. Eco log Briquettes can also be used along side firewood, even when the wood is damp!
Postage note
Shipping charges are valid for all areas of mainland England excluding EX, TQ, TR. For other locations including Wales and Scotland, please message us with details of the items you require and your full address.

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