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Deckwise WiseCoat Deck & Fence Sealer 3.79L

  • £64.50 each
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  • WC-1-ENG
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Product Summary
  • Waterproofing wood sealer
  • Amber tint for UV protection
  • Low VOCs
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Water-based formula prevents water intrusion
  • Odorless & non-flammable
  • Safe for pets, plants & people
  • Exterior & interior use
  • Non-film forming, breathable flexible barrier
Product Information
DeckWise® WiseCoat® Premium Hardwood Deck, Cladding & Fence Sealers water-based formula, utilises proprietary nanotechnology to create a long-lasting breathable barrier against caustic conditions and harsh weather. By coating the hardwood fibres at the cellular level, WiseCoat® provides protection from the inside out,minimising cracking and splitting of the wood. The unique formula absorbs deeply, inhibiting water intrusion by penetrating the hardwood surface. WiseCoat® helps prevent the damaging effects of mold and mildew, dry rot, peeling, cupping of wood. As a non-film forming premium wood waterproofing sealer, it allows hardwoods to age naturally without decay. WiseCoat® includes a semi-transparent tint that functions as a UV blocker to prevent the hardwood from greying while enhancing the natural grain and texture.
This product was designed for applications on Decking, Fencing, Outdoor Furniture, Balustrades etc. 3.79l tin will cover approximately 23m2- 32.5m2 depending on porosity of surface
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