Classic Girl
Classic girl - white, rust and bronze Statue Cast Iron
Bust of Girl Statue Cast Iron
Pictured: Classic Bust of Girl. Statue Cast Iron

Classic Girl Statue - Rust, White or Bronze

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Product Summary
  • Cast in iron
  • Stands 35cm tall
  • Hand finished detail all round
  • Available in rust or antique white
Dimensions & Weight
  • Height: 35cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Depth: 17cm
  • Weight: 6.5kg
As with all cast iron products, this statue will continue to gently develop its own unique patina. Depending on positioning and environment, this can include mossing and general weathering. In order to begin this process, we store these statues outside. As rust forms its own seal, decades of service are ensured. Whilst a weathered look is generally preferred, a uniform finish can be achieved by priming and spraying or painting as required.
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