Pictured: RW3HL Floorplan

RW3HL Oak Framed Garage - Hip Roof & Log Store

  • Product Code
  • RW3HL
  • Garage Size
  • 3-bay
  • Garage Feature
  • Log Store
  • Roof Style
  • Hip
  • 3-bay garage guide design
  • External foot print: 9.425m wide x 5.3m deep
  • Hip Roof
  • With log store
  • Main roof pitch: 40°
  • Catslide pitch: 37°
  • Ridge Height: 3.895m
Guide Designs
Our RW3HL is a guide design for a standard 3-Bay garage with a hip style roof and log store. Our garage guide designs can be modified to any requirement, including altering the footprint to suit the size of your pitch. Specifications will be required regarding weatherboard, bricks, tiles and your required cross section.
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Cross Sections
Weatherboard Options
  • Sawn featheredge softwood cladding ex.200 x 38mm profile, fixed using a 50mm overlap, or:
  • Square edge Oak weatherboarding 200 x 18mm profile fixed using 50mm overlap.
We have extra wide bricks manufactured locally, designed to fit flush to our soleplates. They can also be used in other projects not suited to a standard brick. Their reddish/blue colour means they will blend sympathetically with all traditional buildings. Please inform us, however, if you wish to use a different brick type as we will have to modify our design accordingly.
Tile choice is extremely important, particularly if planning issues require your garage to remain in keeping with the local vernacular. We offer a range of reclaimed clay tiles, in varying colours and finishes, from £0.28p each. We also stock Cedar shingles as an option. You are, of course, welcome to source you own tiles.
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