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Oak Framed Dual Purpose Garage/Garden Room/Summer House Outbuilding
Dual purpose garden building / Oak Framed Shop / Timber Frame / Wood / Hardwood 2 story
Dual purpose garden building / Oak Framed Timber Wood Building / Garage / Storage / Oak Framed Building
Dual purpose garden building / Timber Frame / Wood Frame / home House Building / Extension

Dual Purpose

Dual Purpose Buildings
Through the clever use of space, additional storeys, joinery, and partitions, our design team are able to develop multi purpose garden rooms. Separate buildings can even be linked to create complexes. Additional living space is a common requirement, whether for permanent or occasional use.
Typical Combined Uses
  • Sun Room/office
  • Sun Room/Art Studio
  • Sun Room/Storage
  • Sun Room/Weekend Accommodation
  • Workshop/Garage
  • Outside Kitchen/Storage
  • Music Studio/Gym

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