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Oak Framed Extension
Oak Framed Extension
Festive Oak Framed Extension
Oak Framed Extension


Oak framed extensions can add balance, natural character and even value to many different styles of building. They are also extremely versatile, making it possible for precise requirements to be met.
The design of your extension should take into account a number of factors, including the proportions of the house, its roof line and the required positions of your windows and doors. Many extensions lead into a garden and often bifold doors are used in conjunction with a decked area to extend the useable space even further. The aspect of your garden should be considered, as to maximize on views and sunlight. Within the extension itself, another variable is the amount of exposed oak, some may wish for the beams to be exposed while other may desire a ceiling.
The purpose of your extension is also important when considering building an extension. Whether it's expanding an existing room or creating a entirely new space, the use of the room can affect the whole design. For example, if the extension was used as a kicthen, it is useful to consider the position of windows and doors, so appliances can be fitted in suitable places.

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