Granite Drum Staddle

Granite Drum Staddle Stone

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  • STAD001
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Product Summary
  • Drum profile
  • Cut from single piece of Granite
  • 16mm Steel rod for fixing - protrudes 30mm
  • Produced exclusively for Round Wood
  • Various sizes available
  • **Please note that machining imperfections can occur due to the natural material**
Dimensions & Weight
  • STAD001 - 150mm at top, 180mm in the middle, H.230 mm - 39.0 kg
  • STAD002 - 200mm at top, 240mm in the middle, H.230 mm - 56.0 kg
  • STAD003 - 250mm at top, 300mm in the middle, H.230 mm - 80.0 kg
  • STAD004 - 300mm at top, 360mm in the middle, H.230 mm - 110.0 kg
Staddle Stones
Staddle Stones were originally used to raise barns & granaries. This prevented rats and mice from climbing into the buildings and ensured damp didn’t damage crops/products. Many are still used in a functional capacity, supporting uprights and king posts in oak framed buildings. Staddle stones are also now a popular garden ornament, particularly in the Mushroom style.
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