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2-Storey 4-Bay Oak Framed Garage Building Complex with First Floor & Storage Areas
2-Storey 4-Bay Oak Framed Garage Building Complex with Living Space
2-Storey 4-Bay Oak Framed Garage Building Complex with Storage Areas

2-Storey - Oak Framed Garage

2-Storey Garages
If you are dedicating the footprint required for a large oak framed building, you may want to maximise your use of this space by adding a second storey. Typically, first floors are used to provide additional accommodation, be it permanent or occasional, although other uses are regularly sought. Our team has years of experience of constructing and fitting out 2-storey oak framed buildings and will be happy to outline all of the available options.
Guide Designs
Given the number of options available and specifications required, 2-storey buildings tend to be highly bespoke. We do, however, offer three guide designs if you are in need of inspiration. Even if one of these designs does provide a starting point for your building, several specifications will still be required, regarding weatherboard, bricks, tiles and cross section. Our guide designs can be seen in our first floor options gallery.
Typical First Floor Uses
  • Permanent accommodation
  • Weekend/occasional accommodation
  • Home offices
  • Gym space
  • Music studios
Cruck Frames
If you are adding a second-storey to your garage, you may wish to use a cruck frame to gain additional height. This is achieved by raising the eaves beam by an additional metre to gain living space right up to the edge of the eaves. Our cruck frame guide provides additional information.

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