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Marble White Polystone Low Cubic Garden Planter

Marble White Polystone Low Cubic Planter

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  • PY134.20W
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Product Summary
  • Polystone Planter
  • Low Box/Square/Cube
  • Marble White
  • 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 52cm, 70cm & 90cm
  • Modern stone effect
  • No maintenance required
  • Extremely durable with reinforced walls
  • Drainage holes can be drilled free of charge upon request
Dimensions & Weight (Approx.)
  • PY134.20W - 20 x 20 x H.10cm (2kg)
  • PY134.30W - 30 x 30 x H.15cm (4kg)
  • PY134.40W - 40 x 40 x H.20cm (8kg)
  • PY134.52W - 52 x 52 x H.25cm (17kg)
  • PY134.70W - 70 x 70 x H.30cm (24kg)
  • PY134.90W - 90 x 90 x H.40cm (30kg)
The Polystone range not only offers modern, sleek styling, but also outstanding resilience. Polystone is an extremely dense compound of resin and powdered stone that will stand up to the harshest of elements and look good all the while. It has the appearance of stone but whilst it retains a solid, heavy feel it is more manageable in weight. On close inspection Polystone features delicate brush strokes, and a marble like finish providing natural variation. As this item is made using natural materials the finish will be in keeping with this method. The pictures shown are to be used as a guide only, as each planter may vary. This can include; colour variation, rustic edges/finish and size variation.
Polystone is an extremely durable material that is very resilient to the effects of weathering. This planter will require no maintenance, other than the odd wipe down. Colours may gentle over time and the stone in the mix may slightly show through.

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