Deck Tile Connector

Product Code:D-000899
  • Deck Tile Connectors for simple installation
  • pre-set gaps between tiles
  • pins fit snug into pre-drilled holes on each corner of the underside of the deck tile
  • Corner pins secure tile placement
  • Elevates the deck tile from the wet subsurface to help prevent wood rot
  • Chemical & UV resistant polyethylene
  • Preset gap spacing for an even looking surface
  • Can be divided into halves or quarters easily with hand tools using the pre-molded score lines
  • Center drain hole provides improved drainage for water runoff to prevent pooling in the corners
  • Matte texture provides better appearance between gaps

Deck Tile Connectors simply snap in place, precisely, accurately and securely over virtually any hard, flat surface.

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Deck tile connectors are molded of polyethylene plastic and feature integrated 3/16โ€ gap spacers to automatically set the perfect tile spacing. Each connector has 4 fasteners that fit into deck tile corners to connect tiles from underneath. Pre-fabricated countersunk holes guarantee the securing of connectors to foundations when using trusted and proper fastening methods.


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