Deckwise® Joist Tape

Product Code:D-000904
  • Waterproof Barrier Protection for wood deck joists, posts, sleepers
  • JoistTapeÔäó self-seals around fixing screws, preventing screw from water penetration
  • self-adhesive single sided tape based on premium grade butyl adhesive
  • excellent UV resistance
  • strong aggressive adhesion
  • high tack
  • Adhesive is reinforced on the one side with a 100┬Ám cross laminated HDPE film
  • Contains NO Bitumen

WiseWrap┬« JoistTapeÔäó is a butyl waterproofing barrier tape that will extend the life of your deck

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WiseWrap┬« JoistTapeÔäó is a butyl waterproofing barrier tape that will extend the life of your deck. Each roll measures 75mm wide by 15m long and specs out at 1.0mm thick. Application of this tape will keep water and moisture away from your joists and sleepers to prevent wood rot on the deck frame.
When WiseWrap┬« JoistTapeÔäó is placed between timber and metal surfaces, such as galvanized metal and aluminum, it creates a physical barrier that prevents the corrosion of the metal surface caused by contact with the treated timber.

DeckWise┬« WiseWrap┬« JoistTapeÔäó should always be applied to clean, dry surfaces when temperatures are a minimum of 4┬░C or warmer.
If site conditions inhibit suitable adhesion, tape can be mechanically attached using staples or nails, or a construction grade spray adhesive can be used to bolster adhesion.
WiseWrap┬« JoistTapeÔäó is intended to be shielded by either deck boards or siding, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a period of more than 90 days.
Although it has a slip-resistant surface, it may very well still be slick. Extreme attentiveness should be taken when walking or standing on joists with tape applied.


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