Eco-Nugget briquettes – Bulk Bag

Product Code:T-000111
  • Less than 20% moisture (application submitted for Woodsure
  • Eco-Nugget Briquettes/logs
  • Produced from recycled high-quality hardwood
  • High burn temperatures
  • Low ash content
  • Clean to handle
  • Easy to ignite
  • Can be used to light damp logs
  • Must be kept dry
  • Must only be used in an exempt appliance in a smoke control area
  • Eco Nuggets in Bulk Bag measure 90mm in diameter and 50mm – 100mm in length
  • Builders bulk bag measures 75x85x95cm *when empty
  • Approximate weight 350kg

Eco-Nugget briquettes are not only excellent value, they also offer high burning temperatures which is ideal fuel for wood burners, fires, firepits and ovens, especially pizza ovens. Eco-Nugget briquettes are a cleaner and greener way to heat your home and a great alternative to fossil fuels.

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Eco log briquettes are mechanically pressed
under extreme pressure at our mill, which is
located in the heart of East Sussex. The
briquettes are made from environmentally
friendly wood waste and recycled sawdust
collected when we machine our door boards,
window boards, flooring, skirting and decking to
complement our oak frame buildings all of
which are made from high quality timbers.
They have a low ash content and are also very
clean to handle.


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