European Larch 145 x 21mm

Product Code:D-000614
  • Smooth both faces
  • Eased edges
  • Extremely dense & strong softwood
  • Years of service unlike other softwoods including standard pine
  • Can be fitted using Sharktooth hidden deckfastenings or face fixed with stainless steel deck screws

European Larch has a fine grain structure and even colouring, making it ideal for those looking to achieve a consistent visual.

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The beautiful appearance and impressive durability of European Larch timber, make it an ideal choice for decking and cladding. Boards have consistent pale pink or orange colouration and include regular small to large knots. European Larch decking is a perfect choice for those, who admire nature and the natural appearance of raw materials. This hygroscopic timber will absorb misture from the air on rainy days, and release it when exposed to sun and wind. During those processes boards might shrink and expand forming characterful cracks and splits adding to the overall natural appearance of the decking.

Face Screwing: The traditional method. Simply screw through the face of the board into your sub-frame, plugging the hole if required. We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing.

Deckwise Hidden Fastenings: allow you to lay your hardwood decking boards without the need for unsightly face screws. Each Deckwise clip screws into your sub-frame and then slots into the side of adjoining boards. Deckwise Clips automatically provide the 4mm spacing.

We can pre-groove your decking boards for use with Deckwise or you have the option of using a biscuit jointer on site.

We recommend installing your decking boards with the hardwood decking wrench. This is a self-locking deck board straightening tool that can be used to hold bent boards straight whilst fasteners are installed.

We also offer a hire service.

Simply screw through the face of the board into your sub-frame. Always Pilot Drill before fitting screws and drill 2mm oversize holes to allow for some expansion.
We recommend 4mm gaps between the boards (for tropical hardwoods) and 6mm gaps between the oak and softwood decking boards.
We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing. Each hole can be plugged. We do not recommend that Hidden Fastening systems are used with oak decking.


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