Fiberdeck Decking Harmony Ocean Grey Scalloped 138mm x 23mm

Product Code:D-000706
  • 4-sided co-extruded decking board
  • matte smooth face
  • multi-chromatic colours
  • 360° co-extruded protection
  • 20-year warranty against stains and fading
  • fitted with Cobra® Hybrid removable invisible fastener
  • boards Pre-Grooved to accept Cobra Fixings

The new Fiberdeck® HERITAGE composite decking appears to perfectly imitate exotic wood. The pores of the wood are reproduced in detail, and surface of the board has irregularities that catch the light and dance.

£126.25 per m2
£17.92 per linear meter

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This board benefits from a new co-extruded coating that is very resistant to abrasion. The protective layer present on all 4 sides is hard and limits scratches. Finally, this solid board is available in 3 multi-chromatic colours: Ocean gray, Indian Summer and Havana Brown to get as close as possible to a natural exotic decking

Face Screwing: The traditional method. Simply screw through the face of the board into your sub-frame, plugging the hole if required. We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing.

Deckwise Hidden Fastenings: allow you to lay your hardwood decking boards without the need for unsightly face screws. Each Deckwise clip screws into your sub-frame and then slots into the side of adjoining boards. Deckwise Clips automatically provide the 4mm spacing.

We can pre-groove your decking boards for use with Deckwise or you have the option of using a biscuit jointer on site.

We recommend installing your decking boards with the hardwood decking wrench. This is a self-locking deck board straightening tool that can be used to hold bent boards straight whilst fasteners are installed.

We also offer a hire service.

Simply screw through the face of the board into your sub-frame. Always Pilot Drill before fitting screws and drill 2mm oversize holes to allow for some expansion.
We recommend 4mm gaps between the boards (for tropical hardwoods) and 6mm gaps between the oak and softwood decking boards.
We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing. Each hole can be plugged. We do not recommend that Hidden Fastening systems are used with oak decking.


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