Kiln Dried Firewood

Product Code:T-000135
  • Less than 20% moisture (application submitted for Woodsure
  • Kiln dried hardwood firewood
  • Manageable lengths
  • Bags contain mainly Oak, but might include other hardwoods
  • offcuts will vary in size
  • bags must be kept dry
  • Super Bag measures: 90x90x180cm
  • Bulk Bag measures: 75x85x95cm
  • Barrow Bag measures: 50x50x90cm
  • Bags are filled with randomly picked offcuts, weight will vary
  • *when firewood is in high demand, 2-3 weeks lead time might apply

Hardwood firewood produced from our sawmills offcuts

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We now have the onsite facility to kiln dry these hardwood off-cuts meaning guaranteed lower moisture content and even better quality. We recommend igniting Off-cuts with our Eco Fire Lighters and mixing them with Eco Nuggets to prolong the burn time.