Eco-Nugget briquettes – 14kg Box

Product Code:T-000105
  • Less than 20% moisture (application submitted for Woodsure
  • Eco-Nugget Briquettes/logs
  • Ideal fuel for wood burners, fires, firepits ovens and pizza ovens
  • Must only be used in an exempt appliance in a smoke control area
  • Easy to ignite
  • Stackable
  • Clean to handle, no need to deal with irregular, dirty logs
  • Can be used to light damp logs
  • High burn temperatures
  • low ash content
  • Must be stored in a dry location
  • 90mm diameter by 50mm-150mm length compressed wood-dust briquettes
  • 100% recycled virgin sourced timber from our own workshops, predominantly oak, but may contain traces of softwood
  • Shipped in a convenient 90x290x272mm carton @ 14.5kg (approx.)

Eco-Nugget briquettes are not only excellent value, they also offer high burning temperatures which is ideal fuel for wood burners, fires, firepits and ovens, especially pizza ovens. Eco-Nugget briquettes are a cleaner and greener way to heat your home and a great alternative to fossil fuels.

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Eco-nugget briquettes are mechanically pressed from virgin-source timber chips and sawdust generated at our onsite mill, located in the heart of East Sussex. 100% of our wood waste is recycled into Eco-Nuggets and other wood fuel products during the manufacture of our machined boards, doors, windows, flooring, skirting and decking, all of which are made from high-quality timbers, typically oak. They have a low ash content and are very clean to handle.


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