Sharkstooth Deck Fastenings Box of 250pcs

Product Code:D-000638
  • Corrosion resistant; manufactured in 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Fit your deck without unsightly face screws
  • Suitable for both softwoods and hardwoods
  • Model allows for 5mm spacing
  • Display deck boards to their full potential
  • Maintain even spacing, (helps air-flow)
  • Safer, as cannot pop out of surface
  • Top-up pack: 250 clips & accompanying nails, 15m2 coverage
  • Trade pack: 1000 clips & accompanying nails, 60m2 coverage
  • These are approximate coverage figuresthat assume 400m joist centres and 140mmwide boards

No unsightly nails or screws or their associated problems; Sharkstooth offers the ultimate nail-free decking solution for future proof building. It creates a safe deck for you and your family to live and play on.

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Sharkstooth is horizontally fixed; therefore there are no vertical holes for water to access the decking boards or joists. Sharkstooth creates a space between the decking boards and joists which allows air to circulate, thus preventing moisture build-up and reducing potential rot problems. The unique design of Sharkstooth fixings means its grip is not loosened over time through natural movement or by swelling and shrinking of the timber.


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