Weathered Oak Whisky Puncheon Ice Bath Barrel

Product Code:G-000832
  • Genuine Oak Whisky Barrel
  • Dark pre-weathered finish
  • Metal rings are weathered/rusted
  • From Scottish distilleries
  • Missing bungs on some
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Finishes, sizing and colours vary
  • Top diameter - 76cm Mid diameter - 94cm - Height - 128cm
  • 500 Litres Capacity Aprrox

Oak whisky barrels converted to make ice-baths with detachable lid.
Sooths muscles, eases stress and fatigue, improves overall health.

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Genuine Oak Whisky barrel converted to an ice bath, with detachable lid.. Finishes, colours and sizing may vary slightly as these are produced from natural materials. They feature a variety of finishing touches, all are based around a core design that include standard, hand curved staves and metal bands, but finishing specifications do differ and some may be daubed with paint around the bilge. Note that whisky barrels are made to hold moisture; whilst empty, especially in drier weather, the wood may temporarily shrink. As such, some bands may become loose. Once the barrel has been filled with soil/water the timber will expand and the bands will remain tight again. If the bands are loose they only require being tapped back into place.


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