Cumaru deck tile 500 x 500 x 30mm

Product Code:D-000135
  • Connectors sold separately
  • Low maintenance and durable hardwood decking tiles
  • Each tile measures 500mm x500mm x30mm
  • Tile weight - approx 5.1kg
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Perfect for renovating concrete decks, patios or balconies
  • Built using all stainless steel screws
  • Each tile has 4 pre-drilled corners for easy installation using connectors

Easy to install deck tiles, produced out of Cumaru hardwood boards.

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Each tile measures 500mm x500mm x30mm and contains 7 boards each measuring 65mm x 15mm x 500mm. Each tile has 4 pre-drilled corners for easy installation using connectors (*sold separately)

Cumaru is an extremely dense and durable hardwood, that is naturally resistant to insect and fungal attack.

Cumaru is renowned for its outstanding colouration. Whilst boards tend to range from light brown through to dark honey, sparks of orange and dark golden brown can also feature. When the different shades are fitted together, an impressive, contemporary, rich, dark and unique deck is achieved. This colour variation is widely sought after.

Cumaru like many other species can be prone to worm hole and Raised Grain which are natural defects and acceptable within grading. If, however, you are you are looking for a more uniform finish, we recommend one of our other timbers.


Whilst Cumaru is an extremely stable hardwood, we recommend that you leave a minimum 4mm gap between each board (5-6mm for 145mm wide boards). Being a natural product there will be some expansion and shrinkage in certain climates, but this is not likely to be noticed by the human eye.

Please note that as hardwood specialists, we do not stock softwood for sub-frames. We recommend that you source this from a standard timber merchant. We recommend sealing the cut ends of your boards with an end grain sealer (beeswax works beautifully).

Decking oil

The most common finish for any hardwood deck. This product contains UV filters to delay the silvering process that strong sunlight causes in any hardwood. Balau can be fitted using stainless steel deck screws (always pre-drill hardwoods) and using hidden fixing systems *boards edge grooved to accept hidden fixings*


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