Match Our Beautiful Timber Decking For Your Garden

Discover the perfect match for your home’s architectural look and your distinct style with Round Wood’s extensive range of timber decking. The challenge of blending quality decking with your home’s aesthetic and personal taste can seem daunting. Round Wood resolves this dilemma by offering an extensive selection of hardwood decking options in various colours and finishes, ensuring you can effortlessly choose styles that enhance your home and garden’s unique charm.


Finding Decking That Aligns With Your Home

Choosing the right decking to match your home’s style and your personal aesthetic can feel like a never-ending search. Many homeowners grapple with the headache of finding decking that not only meets their quality standards but also seamlessly blends with the unique character of their home and garden, turning what should be an exciting project into a task filled with compromise and uncertainty.

Get Perfectly Matched, Effortlessly Maintained Decking

Round Wood offers the ideal solution for those seeking decking that not only matches their home’s architectural style and personal aesthetic but also stands the test of time and demands minimal upkeep. Our variety of hardwood timber decking options means you can choose one that blends seamlessly with your home, ensuring you can achieve the outdoor aesthetic you desire:

  • Angelim: Its robust nature and minimal upkeep make Angelim a standout choice for achieving a harmonious look with lasting beauty. Perfect for homes looking for a durable, pest-resistant option that ages gracefully.
  • Ash: For homes with a lighter, more open design, Ash provides a breath of fresh air. Its resilience and inviting tones mean it integrates smoothly with any garden, offering a consistently fresh appearance with simple care.
  • Balau: Balau’s ability to withstand Britain’s moist weather makes it a reliable option for a variety of home styles, especially those in damper climates. It promises a visually appealing deck that remains vibrant with minimal effort.
  • Cumaru: Known for its resistance to wear and environmental damage, Cumaru is ideal for maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your outdoor space throughout the seasons, all while requiring minimal maintenance.
  • European Oak: For homes that exude classic elegance, European Oak’s timeless appeal and strength make it a perfect match. It enhances your outdoor space with a distinguished look that endures with easy care.
  • Ipe: Ipe’s incredible durability and rich aesthetic make it suitable for luxurious and traditional homes alike. It maintains its stunning appearance for years, ensuring a deck that’s as low-maintenance as it is beautiful.


Fiberdeck Decking Vintage Wenge 210 x 23mm

A Seamless Integration of Style and Functionality

Choosing Round Wood means investing in a decking solution that bridges the gap between form and function. Our timber decking not only elevate the visual allure of your garden but also provide a practical, durable surface for years of enjoyment. The integration of your home’s architectural style with your personal taste has never been smoother or more satisfying.

Fiberdeck Decking Vintage Lunar Grey 210 x 23mm

Thermo-Treated Timber: Perfecting Your Outdoor Aesthetic

Discover the beauty and precision match of thermo-treated timber for your decking. By heating the wood to high temperatures without chemicals, this innovative process transforms the timber’s cellular structure, enhancing its stability and resistance to environmental factors. Not only does this make the wood more durable against moisture, decay, and pests, but it also retains its shape and appearance much longer.

The result? A beautifully consistent decking that seamlessly complements your home’s aesthetic, ensuring an outdoor space that looks better and matches your style perfectly, year after year.

“Great product at a reasonable price, more importantly, it’s made in the UK!”

Angelim decking board - Smooth

Why to Choose Round Wood for Reliable, Low-Maintenance Decking

  • Expertise and High-Quality: With years of experience in sourcing and supplying premium decking materials, Round Wood is synonymous with excellence. Every board is selected and treated with the utmost care, ensuring you receive products that exceed industry standards.
  • Durability Meets Design: Our decking options are not only built to last but designed to inspire. Choose from a broad range of decking that promises to transform your outdoor space into a continuation of your home’s elegance.
  • Sustainability at the Forefront: We are committed to eco-conscious practices, from responsibly sourced timber to timber decking made from recycled materials. Our dedication to the environment ensures you make a positive impact with your choice.
  • Easy and Reliable Delivery Service: With Round Wood, convenience is key. Our reliable delivery service ensures your chosen decking arrives at your doorstep, ready to transform your outdoor area.

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Discover the Timber Decking For You Today

Choose Round Wood for decking solutions that offer reliable quality, innovative design, and environmental integrity. Invest in a beautiful, low-maintenance garden today that perfectly mirrors your home’s architectural beauty and your unique style.