Durable Timber Decking That Lasts

We are all too familiar with this country’s unpredictable and often dreary weather, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your outdoor space – or revamping it with a quality decking build. But finding decking that can endure the nation’s wet weather without succumbing to deterioration can be hard. Thankfully, our selection of timbe decking is specifically designed to withstand the elements whilst looking its best.


Finding Durable Decking for Your Garden

Decking, along with any other outdoor modification, needs to withstand constant exposure to rain, damp, and fluctuating temperatures. This relentless weather can lead to common issues such as rot, warping, and fading, significantly shortening the lifespan of traditional decking options. 

Our Steadfast Solution

Our selection of timber decking is an ideal solution for those seeking both durability and natural beauty in their outdoor spaces. Our range includes top-quality hardwoods known for their exceptional strength and resilience to environmental challenges.


  • Angelim stands out for its robustness and distinctive aesthetic. Known for its impressive durability and resistance to rot and insect damage, Angelim is an ideal choice for decking that demands minimal upkeep while offering maximum longevity. 
  • Ash is celebrated for its flexibility and resilience, making it a superb choice for decking. It offers a light, bright aesthetic that can illuminate any garden space with its distinctive grain pattern. Ash’s elasticity underfoot also provides a comfortable, durable surface capable of withstanding the test of time.
  • Balau, another hardwood in our collection, is valued for its toughness and resistance to weathering. Its ability to withstand moist conditions without deteriorating makes it an excellent choice for the British climate, promising a long-lasting, beautiful surface with minimal maintenance.
  • Cumaru is renowned for its durability and natural resistance to fungal growth, insects, and decay. Its striking colour variation and exceptional hardness provide a deck that not only endures but also enhances the beauty of outdoor living areas over time.
  • European oak is revered for its durability, strength, and classic beauty. With its tight grain and rich, warm tones, oak adds a touch of timeless elegance to any outdoor setting. It’s highly resistant to decay when properly treated and can also ensure a long-lasting deck.
  • Ipe, often celebrated as one of the hardest woods available, boasts incredible density and strength, making it highly resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. Its rich, deep colour and fine grain offer unmatched aesthetic appeal, ensuring a deck that remains stunning for decades.


These hardwoods naturally resist the common downfalls that plague other decking materials, ensuring that your investment remains robust, attractive, and functional for years to come, regardless of the weather conditions it faces.



Fiberdeck Decking Vintage Wenge 210 x 23mm

An Extra Layer of Durability With Thermo-Treated Timber

This process involves heating the wood to high temperatures in a controlled environment, fundamentally altering its cellular structure without the use of chemicals. The result is wood that is stable and durable, but also more resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage.


The benefits of thermo-treated decking are manifold. The enhanced durability ensures that the decking can withstand harsh weather conditions, including the wet and variable climate common in the UK, without succumbing to the typical issues that affect untreated wood. Thermo-treated wood’s resistance to warping, shrinking, and swelling also means that it retains its shape and appearance for longer, without the need for frequent treatments or repairs.

In essence, our thermo-treated decking offers a hardy, low-maintenance solution that is ideal for creating beautiful, enduring outdoor spaces fit to be enjoyed year after year.

Fiberdeck Decking Vintage Lunar Grey 210 x 23mm

What Makes Timber Decking So Durable?

This innovative material is designed to resist rot, warping, and fading, ensuring your deck remains beautiful and functional through varying weather conditions and over time. Made from a blend of wood fibres and recycled plastics, timber decking not only provides a sturdy and reliable foundation for your garden but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

“Great product at a reasonable price, more importantly, it’s made in the UK!”

Angelim decking board - Smooth

Reasons to Choose Round Wood for High-Strength Decking

  • Quality: Each piece of hardwood and every composite board passes through rigorous checks to ensure they meet our high standards, promising not just longevity but also the timeless beauty of well-crafted wood.
  • Sustainability: We understand the importance of protecting our planet, which is why we offer products like our eco-friendly, thermo-treated decking and composite materials made from recycled plastics.
  • Attention: We promise a seamless experience from the initial consultation to the final installation. Our team is always ready to provide expert advice, helping you navigate our comprehensive range to find the perfect decking solution for your garden.
  • Choice: Whether you prefer the natural charm of hardwood or the practical benefits of composite decking, our offerings are designed to meet your needs.

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Invest in Long-Lasting Decking Today

Our comprehensive range of thermo-treated timber and composite decking offers the perfect blend of longevity, aesthetic appeal, and environmental consciousness. We invite you to explore our offerings and discover the ideal decking solution tailored to your outdoor space.