Low-Maintenance Timber Decking for Easier Garden Living

Unlock the potential of your garden with Round Wood’s premium timber decking – where unparalleled durability meets minimal maintenance. Our curated selection is designed not just to enhance your outdoor space but to offer a lasting solution with the least upkeep possible. Whether you’re someone with a keen eye for design and sustainability, or a homeowner seeking to transform your garden into a low-maintenance retreat, our decking solutions are crafted with you in mind.


Maintaining Garden Decking Effortlessly

Regular maintenance is a significant hurdle for homeowners desiring beautiful outdoor decking. Traditional hardwood requires frequent treatments to maintain its appearance, including staining, sealing, and repairing, which can be time-consuming and costly. This continuous upkeep often detracts from the enjoyment and aesthetic value of outdoor living spaces.

Our Quality, Low-Maintenance Solution

Round Wood crafts decking solutions that ease the burden of maintenance. Our materials shine for their hassle-free care, requiring just straightforward cleaning. Paired with hardwood options designed for prolonged durability, our decking minimises maintenance demands.

  • Angelim: Celebrated for its sturdiness and minimal maintenance needs, Angelim offers enduring beauty with resistance to decay and pests, embodying longevity with scarce upkeep.
  • Ash: Known for its resilience and light, inviting tones, Ash decking brings a refreshing look to any outdoor area. Its durable nature ensures it remains a steadfast addition to your garden, simplifying your maintenance routine.
  • Balau: With its natural ability to combat moist conditions, Balau stands as a testament to durability in the damp British weather, ensuring a stunning deck with scant maintenance.
  • Cumaru: Esteemed for its hardiness and immunity against natural detractors, Cumaru decking endures through the seasons, maintaining its vibrant appearance with minimal care required.
  • European Oak: Admired for its classic appeal and robustness, European Oak promises longevity. Properly maintained, it offers an enduringly elegant decking option with reduced need for frequent treatments.
  • Ipe: As one of the most durable woods, Ipe resists environmental challenges, remaining magnificent over the years with negligible maintenance.


Fiberdeck Decking Vintage Wenge 210 x 23mm

Timber Decking That Stands the Test of Time

For those who admire the natural elegance of timber, our selection of hardwood decking is unmatched. Sourced from the finest species – including Ipe, Balau, Cumaru, Oak, Ash, and Angelim – each board is a testament to nature’s resilience and beauty. Our timber is not only aesthetically pleasing but engineered to extend periods between maintenance treatments significantly. Through expert selection and treatment processes, we offer hardwood solutions that balance the timeless appeal of wood with the practicality of reduced upkeep.

Fiberdeck Decking Vintage Lunar Grey 210 x 23mm

Aesthetic Variety Without the Effort

With Round Wood, compromising on style for the sake of maintenance is a thing of the past. Our extensive range of finishes and colours means finding the perfect match for your garden’s aesthetic is easy. From the deep, rich tones of Ipe to the modern elegance of composite grey, our decking enhances outdoor spaces with unparalleled beauty – all while simplifying upkeep.

Cumaru deck tile 500 x 500 x 30mm

‘One and Done’ Decking Solutions

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of staining, sealing, and repairing. Our hardwood requires only minimal care to preserve its natural beauty, significantly reducing the frequency of treatments. And for the ultimate in hassle-free upkeep, our timber decking needs nothing more than the occasional cleaning, ensuring your outdoor area remains an inviting, beautiful space with minimal effort.

“Great product at a reasonable price, more importantly, it’s made in the UK!”

Angelim decking board - Smooth

Why to Choose Round Wood for Reliable, Low-Maintenance Decking

  • Quality and Expertise: With decades of experience, we bring an unmatched level of expertise to every board and panel, promising not only longevity but the timeless beauty of expertly crafted wood.
  • Sustainability at Heart: Our commitment to the planet is reflected in our eco-friendly products and practices, ensuring you can create your dream garden with a clear conscience.
  • A Range to Inspire: From the natural allure of hardwood to the practical charm of timber decking, our selection meets every need and vision.
  • Support Every Step of the Way: Our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to offer advice, support, and inspiration, making your journey from selection to installation seamless and enjoyable.

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Invest in a Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Garden Today

Explore our diverse range of timber decking and discover how easy it is to transform your outdoor space into a stunning, sustainable, and low-maintenance extension of your home. With Round Wood of Mayfield, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in quality, sustainability, and a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment with the least maintenance possible.