Timber Decking Designed for Optimal Safety

Selecting the right decking material that offers better grip and stability can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents, making your deck safer for everyone who uses it. Our timber decking ranges are designed with safety at the forefront, providing superior traction and stability to help keep your outdoor areas safe and enjoyable, regardless of the weather.


Key Features of Safe Outdoor Decking

Decking, along with any other outdoor modification, needs to withstand constant exposure to rain, damp, and fluctuating temperatures. This relentless weather can lead to common issues such as rot, warping, and fading, significantly shortening the lifespan of traditional decking options.ย 

Our timber decking solutions are meticulously designed, incorporating features that significantly enhance traction and resist slippage, even in wet conditions.ย 

Hardwood Decking

Our hardwood selections are treated with specialised surface techniques to enhance grip. For instance, we offer options with a brushed finish, which adds to both the aesthetic allure and creates a more textured surface that improves foot traction.

More Innovative Design Features

Both decking types incorporate slight grooves along the boards, which are a functional aesthetic feature to help channel water away more effectively, reducing standing water and further slip hazards.

Our commitment to providing products that meet rigorous safety standards means you can enjoy peace of mind alongside the beauty and durability of your decking.

The Installation Techniques We Utilise

  • Proper Spacing: We make sure that the spacing between our decking boards is consistent and appropriate to allow for water drainage and slight expansion, due to any temperature changes. Proper spacing helps prevent water from pooling on the deck surface and ensures that the deck can breathe and dry out effectively after rain.
  • Secure Fastening: We use high-quality fasteners, correctly installed to avoid loose boards. With hidden deck fasteners, we can create a smoother surface free of nail or screw heads that might cause trips or falls.
  • Surface Treatments: We apply slip-resistant finishes and wood-look patterning on our composite ranges to greatly improve safety and grip underfoot. For those who would prefer one of our smoother boards, we recommend a properly fitted outdoor rug for use during wet or icy periods.
  • Regular Inspections: After installation, regular maintenance checks help ensure the decking remains safe and enjoyable to use. If you have any questions or concerns, our team of craftsmen are available to help.

“Great product at a reasonable price, more importantly, it’s made in the UK!”

Fiberdeck Decking Vintage Wenge 210 x 23mm

Why People Trust Round Wood of Mayfield

Our commitment to safety is reflected in every product we offer. We ensure that all materials used in our timber decking meet rigorous safety criteria, reducing slip hazards and enhancing overall stability.

We stand behind the quality of our garden decking with excellent customer service and support. Our team is always ready to assist with any questions about installation, maintenance, or safety features, offering peace of mind to all of our customers. This comprehensive approach to customer care and our unyielding commitment to safety are just a few reasons why homeowners and professionals alike trust Round Wood of Mayfield for their decking needs.

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Invest in Safer Timber Decking Solutions

Ensuring the safety of your outdoor spaces begins with choosing the right decking materials. Our range offers plenty of decking solutions designed with this safety in mind, incorporating features that enhance grip, resist slippage, and promote stability โ€“ even in the often wet conditions here in the UK.

We invite you to explore our vast selection of safe decking options or visit our showroom if you find yourself in the Mayfield area. Let us help you make the best choice for a secure, beautiful, and long-lasting deck that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.




Safety is a priority when installing garden decking, especially in wet conditions. It’s important to choose materials that provide good traction and are slip-resistant. Textured surfaces or added non-slip coatings can enhance safety. Regular maintenance to keep the deck clean and free of mould and algae also helps prevent slips.

Maintenance frequency can depend on the material. For hardwood, it’s advisable to clean and check the deck at least twice a year โ€“ spring and autumn. For composite decking, regular cleaning with soap and water is sufficient to keep the surface free of debris that might cause slips.

A well-designed and maintained deck can increase your home’s value. It enhances outdoor living space and appeals to potential buyers who value functional outdoor areas.

If environmental impact is a concern, look for decking materials that are sustainably sourced or made from recycled materials, like those available from us.

Decking can be a great solution for uneven gardens as it can be built on a supporting substructure that levels the surface.

Hardwood decking can last 25โ€“50 years with proper care, while high-quality composite decking can last 25โ€“30 years with minimal maintenance.