Designing a garden that is both functional and visually appealing can be tricky, especially when trying to find the right balance between aesthetics and practicality. But one of the best ways to create clean lines, define spaces, and ensure your garden elements cohesively blend together, is through the use of edging.


Corten Steel Folded Edging - 290 (H)mm **SALE** 25%

Your Design Solution

Traditional edging materials can deteriorate quickly, leading to constant upkeep and eventual replacement, but our corten steel’s unparalleled durability means it withstands the harshest weather conditions, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. The material naturally forms a protective rust layer, which also makes it virtually maintenance-free.

You can choose between 2 mm and 3 mm thicknesses, each offering robust durability. The thicker the steel, the more resilient your edging will be, making it a long-lasting investment for your garden.

Our corten steel edging also comes in three distinct profiles: Straight, Folded, and U-Profile. Straight edging is highly flexible, and perfect for creating intricate curves and bends. Folded and U-Profile edgings are rigid and ideal for straight runs.

These options give you the freedom to customise your garden layout down to the last detail. 


Making Installation Easier

Our edging pieces are 2500 mm long and come with welded tabs and 500 mm pegs, making installation nice and easy. For additional stability, we recommend using concrete haunching, which can be buried out of sight.

Our Tips for Clearer Design


  1. Plan Your Layout: Before you begin, sketch out your garden design to determine how much edging you will need and where it will go. This will help you choose the right profile and height for your project.
  2. Prepare the Ground: Clear the area where the edging will be installed. Remove any debris, level the soil, and mark the outline using string or chalk.
  3. Lay the Edging: Place your new corten steel edging along the marked outline. For curves, the straight edging profile is your best bet, due to its flexibility.
  4. Secure with Pegs: Each edging piece comes with welded tabs and 500mm pegs. Insert the pegs through the tabs and into the ground to secure the edging in place.
  5. Joining Pieces: If your design requires more than one piece of edging, use the corresponding slots on the tabs to join them together securely.
  6. Additional Stability: For added security, especially in softer soils, we recommend using concrete haunching. This can be buried out of sight, ensuring your edging stays put.

Unique Weathering Process

One of the unique features of corten steel is its weathering process. Initially, the steel will have a blue appearance, but over time, it develops a protective, rustic-looking rust layer. This gradual change gives your garden design a dynamic edge over each stage of the process:

  • Stage 1: Freshly installed, the steel will have a blue appearance with an oily residue.
  • Stage 2: Over time, this residue breaks down, and the steel begins to weather.
  • Stage 3 & 4: Known as the ‘Run-Off’ stage, this can last between 3 and 9 months. During this period, the steel may produce some carbon run-off, which can stain adjacent materials. To mitigate this, elevate the edging off the ground using blocks or stands.
  • Stage 5 & 6: The steel reaches its final weathered state, developing a consistent, protective rust finish. Any run-off will be minimal at this stage.

For those eager to skip these initial weathering stages, a pre-weathering service is available, allowing you to enjoy the steel’s striking appearance right from the start.

“Very good service I brought a water feature a steel bowl that goes rusty. Sounds strange but lovley delivery was quick and good.”

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Update Your Garden Layout With Our Corten Edging

Our corten steel edging offers a distinct blend of durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance, and whether you are ready to make a purchase or still have questions, we are here to assist you in making the right design choice for your garden.




Corten Steel is a weathering steel that forms a protective rust layer over time. Its unique rust-like appearance and weather-resistant properties make it a popular choice for garden sculptures, planters, and edging, adding a rustic charm to outdoor spaces.

Corten Steel requires minimal maintenance. Simply keep the surface clean from debris and ensure proper drainage to prevent water accumulation. Its natural weathering process enhances the aesthetics of garden features without the need for painting or special treatments.

We are unable to cut edging in-house. You could cut the edging onsite yourself or with the help of a professional. Please bear in mind the joining tabs are positioned at each end and may need to be reattached, depending on how you are fixing the ends.

No, it might not. We receive regular deliveries of corten steel edging and dispatch our products at the stage of weathering it has reached while in stock. Your edging pieces may therefore be delivered with different levels of weathering.

Yes, the straight edged and folded edging can be used to create curves, U-Profile edging cannot. Corten Steel is a very springy steel, and you can use the straight-edged edging to create smaller radius curves, for example, around a tree by using several edging pieces. The folded edging can be curved to follow a smooth large curve, like a driveway.