Designed to create clear pathways and prevent lawns and plants from encroaching onto walkways, our corten steel edging offers a practical yet stylish way to enhance garden accessibility. Read on to find out how our range can help to revamp your garden to suit your mobility needs.


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Robust Durability Corten Steel Edging

The inherent strength of corten steel ensures that edging remains intact for years, minimising the risk of trip hazards from crumbling or uneven surfaces. Unlike other materials that degrade over time, corten steel retains its structural integrity, providing a stable guide for those who rely on canes or wheelchairs for mobility.

Easy Maintenance

The unique rust patina that corten steel develops acts as a protective layer, eliminating the need for frequent repairs or replacements. Less maintenance means fewer obstacles or debris that could impede your movement, making your garden more accessible than ever.

Edge Definition

One of the standout features of corten steel edging is its ability to create clearly defined edges. These distinct boundaries serve as visual and tactile guides, simplifying navigation around your garden. Whether you are walking, using a wheelchair, or guiding a cane, these well-defined edges make it easier to move around safely.

Design Flexibility

Available in multiple profiles and sizes, our corten steel edging allows for gracefully curved, sweeping edges as opposed to sharp, abrupt turns. These gradual bends make for a more accessible pathway, especially for those who find sharp turns challenging.

Visual Distinction

The signature rust colour of corten steel offers a striking contrast against greenery, gravel, or stone. This visual distinction is particularly beneficial for those with poor vision, as it makes the edges of pathways stand out more clearly.

Explore the Range

Our corten steel edging comes in a variety of options to suit your specific needs. The range is designed to develop its own protective rust finish over time, adding both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Ease of Installation

All styles come with tabs and pegs that slot together, making the installation process straightforward โ€“ and for added stability, especially important for those with mobility issues, we recommend using concrete haunching, which can later be buried out of sight.

Straight Edging

Ideal for those who require smooth, flowing lines in their garden, Straight Edging is highly flexible, allowing for gentle curves. This is particularly beneficial for individuals using mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers, as it eliminates the need for abrupt turns and allows for a more fluid movement through the garden.

Folded Edging

Folded Edging is more rigid and is perfect for creating straight lines. While it may not offer the same level of flexibility as Straight Edging, its rigidity ensures a stable, well-defined boundary. This can be particularly useful for those who rely on canes or crutches, as the clear demarcation helps in navigation and provides a sense of security while moving around.

U-Profile Edging

The U-Profile option provides a tactile edge, offering an additional sensory guide around the garden. It is also sturdy, making it another excellent choice for those requiring well-defined boundaries for safe navigation.

“Very good service I brought a water feature a steel bowl that goes rusty. Sounds strange but lovley delivery was quick and good.”

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Make Your Garden More Accessible Today

With our complete collection of corten steel edging, you can create a safe, navigable, and stunning outdoor space for yourself and your loved ones. Our range is aesthetically pleasing and designed to be highly functional. Browse the range today, and if you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with our team.




Corten Steel is a weathering steel that forms a protective rust layer over time. Its unique rust-like appearance and weather-resistant properties make it a popular choice for garden sculptures, planters, and edging, adding a rustic charm to outdoor spaces.

Corten Steel requires minimal maintenance. Simply keep the surface clean from debris and ensure proper drainage to prevent water accumulation. Its natural weathering process enhances the aesthetics of garden features without the need for painting or special treatments.

We are unable to cut edging in-house. You could cut the edging onsite yourself or with the help of a professional. Please bear in mind the joining tabs are positioned at each end and may need to be reattached, depending on how you are fixing the ends.

No, it might not. We receive regular deliveries of corten steel edging and dispatch our products at the stage of weathering it has reached while in stock. Your edging pieces may therefore be delivered with different levels of weathering.

Yes, the straight edged and folded edging can be used to create curves, U-Profile edging cannot. Corten Steel is a very springy steel, and you can use the straight-edged edging to create smaller radius curves, for example, around a tree by using several edging pieces. The folded edging can be curved to follow a smooth large curve, like a driveway.