If your garden has looked the same way for a while, then you may be feeling the pull to shake it up. But refreshing your exterior environment can be difficult when you choose the wrong type of material. Cheaper furnishings like resin and plastic lack the versatility you need, and are too often confined to singular and temporary purposes.

For those seeking fluidity but finding their options underwhelming, corten steel is an amazing choice. With its strength, artistry, and resilience, our exclusive collections reimagine what durable outdoor living can be.

Unlock lasting versatility bound only by your imagination.


Corten Steel: Your Flexible Solution

The weathered finish improves over time, blending beautifully wherever placed. Discover how corten steel’s fluid forms and graceful ageing removes constraints to refresh your exterior. An investment in enduring versatility bound only by your imagination.

Corten steel’s remarkable versatility liberates you to upgrade your outdoor living space with creativity and confidence. Our exclusive collection is available in several distinct forms to serve a diverse range of stylistic needs.

Planters like cylinders, cubes, and custom shapes that are sculptural yet functional, and allow dividing plantings across the yard.

Privacy screens to define spaces in one season, then divide new arrangements later.

Fire pits and tables to create adaptable focal points for late-night gatherings.

Water features to align with any style and provide a relaxing outdoor ambience.

Corten steel’s durability means pieces are never confined to one area forever. Feel free to move substantial planters and furnishings as inspiration strikes.


Why You Should Choose Corten Steel

Corten steel provides unmatched versatility and lasting beauty to refresh outdoor spaces, as well as:

Corten steel’s remarkable versatility liberates you to upgrade your outdoor living space with creativity and confidence. Our exclusive collection is available in several distinct forms to serve a diverse range of stylistic needs.

  • A Diverse Range: From planters and screens to fire pits and water elements, we offer numerous aesthetic options to choose from.
  • Ergonomic Sizes: Choose from multiple sizes, dimensions, and configurations for current needs and future plans.
  • Compatible Design: Mix cubes, cylinders, and abstract shapes for endless design potential. Complement lines and curves against each other, put up privacy screens to divide a space or provide an attractive backdrop. The choice is yours.
  • The Chance to Repurpose: Embrace fully versatile decor by repurposing oversized planters from flowers to shrubs as your needs evolve, or rotate statuary and pots to different beds to completely reinvent the look of your garden.
  • A Durable Finish: The consistent weathered patina found across our corten steel range retains its beauty wherever it is placed, with no jarring changes in appearance.
  • No Maintenance: With barely any care required, you are freed up to rearrange your outdoor space without concern over having to refinish pieces in new locations.

Corten steel provides lasting versatility without compromise. Move, reuse, and refresh pieces to reimagine your outdoor areas, time after time.


Your Reason to Side with Round Wood of Mayfield

When selecting a company to enhance your exterior visions, Round Wood of Mayfield stands apart through our heritage, expertise, and the service we provide.

For over 30 years, our family business has crafted unique garden environments, blending legacy with innovation in all that we do. This longevity provides an experience you can trust, as our tight-knit team offers personalised guidance every step of the way, working to understand your needs and pair you with the best garden features possible.

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A Partner in Reliable Quality

We specialise in distinctive, intriguing garden products full of character that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Our keen-eyed sourcing means you’ll benefit from both our high-grade materials and homegrown charm.

We stand behind every handcrafted piece that our curators select, making sure that all designers uphold rigorous quality control and use only premium-grade metals in their creations. This means you can buy with confidence, knowing our products are built to impress for generations.


Browse Our Versatile Corten Steel Features Today

Our exclusive corten collections are crafted to unleash your creativity in designing adaptable, enduring exterior spaces. Browse our versatile range today, from stunning planters and raised beds to upgrade your green spaces, to water features and fire elements to bring everything to life. Every piece has been made to complement your garden and mirror your style.