Terracotta Planter Pot Feet / Pot Stand / Planter Garden Raised Blocks / Patio / Balcony

Classic Pot Feet

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  • PF04
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Product Summary
  • Terracotta finish
  • Raises planters off the ground & aids drainage
  • Perfect for use with our classic planters
Dimensions & Weight
  • PF04 - 4 x 4cm (0.4kg)
  • PF08 - 8 x 8cm (0.8kg)
Terracotta is a beautifully warm colour provided from fired clay in Italy. Terracotta weathers sympathetically with its surrounding, producing a patina individual to each pot. As a long standing favourite with many garden designers, this material is famous for taking on a traditional look and feel. Due to the natural material and nature of Terracotta, colours may vary, even in planter manufactured from the same batch.
Terracotta is an extremely durable material that is resilient to the effects of weathering. This planter will require no maintenance, other than the odd wipe down if a natural patina is not required. Colours may gentle over time if exposed to continual sunlight.
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