Terracotta Planter Pot Feet / Pot Stand / Planter Garden Raised Blocks / Patio / Balcony

Plain Pot Planter Feet

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  • PF04
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Product Summary
  • Terracotta finish
  • Raises planters off the ground
  • Aids drainage
  • This listing is for 1 foot - please select the total quantity required when ordering
Terracotta is a beautifully warm colour provided from fired clay in Italy. Terracotta weathers sympathetically with its surrounding, producing a patina individual to each pot. As a long standing favourite with many garden designers, this material is famous for taking on a traditional look and feel. Due to the natural material and nature of Terracotta, colours may vary, even in planter manufactured from the same batch.
Dimensions & Weight
  • PF04 - 4 x 4cm - 0.4kg
  • PF08 - 8 x 8cm - 0.8kg
Terracotta is an extremely durable material that is resilient to the effects of weathering. This planter will require no maintenance, other than the odd wipe down if a natural patina is not required. Colours may gentle over time if exposed to continual sunlight.
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