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Sharkstooth Pro-Tool Pack

Sharkstooth Pro-Tool Pack

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Product Information
The countersink and plug cutter are ideal for concealing screws used to install decking. The slot cutter is for use on hardwoods only to prevent boards from splitting
  • 1x Drill and countersink bit (8 gauge)
  • 1x Matching plug cutter
  • 1x Slot cutting bit for routers
The Slot Cutter
  • The slotting cutting bit fits standard routers (6.4mm shank). Install the bit into the router with shank at least 20mm into the chuck
  • Set the bit so as once cut, the bottom of the slot is 10mm up from the bottom of the decking board
  • Place two decking boards on the joist in a position, where they are to be installed
  • Leave a gap of about 60mm between the two boards
  • Place the router in such a manner, that it straddles the gap between the boards. Check that you can move the router across the gap while maintaining level contact with both boards. This will help ensure the router remains level and minimise risk of tipping
  • Cut a slot into one board where the fastener will penetrate and move directly across and cut the other board. Work your way down the boards, cutting one slot per board at every joist
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct use of the routing machine
  • Wear eye, ear and dust protection
  • Turn off router at the power supply before changing or setting the blade
  • Do not overload cutter by forcing it into the timber

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