Corten steel water features offer a gorgeous blend of visual elegance and soothing soundscapes, however, the prospect of installing these beautiful additions comes with several concerns, namely about complexity and time investment. This is where our corten steel water features stand apart.

Renowned for their striking aesthetics, these features also boast an ease of installation that sets them apart from traditional options.


Simplifying Installation With Round Wood of Mayfield

Typically, installing a water feature often requires specialised tools, intricate planning, and sometimes even professional help. This complexity can stem from factors like the weight of the materials, the need for plumbing connections, and ensuring a stable foundation.

Our corten steel water features are designed to simplify this daunting process. For starters, their lighter weight compared to traditional materials makes them easier to handle and position, and they are engineered for straightforward assembly, often requiring minimal tools and no specialised plumbing.

This user-friendly design reduces installation time and makes it feasible for you to undertake the task yourself, without the need for professional installers – if you so choose.

Our Streamlined Corten Steel Water Features


Curved Water Bowl

The 3 mm thick corten steel featured in this piece is incredibly durable, while the circular foot welded to the base provides stability. Installation is straightforward, requiring no drilled holes, and they can be placed on any flat surface.

Somni Water Table

This square water table is a modern alternative to traditional ponds, requiring little maintenance. Available in various sizes, it comes with a PUMP/LED spout included in the price. The advanced closed water circuit prevents blockages, and the LED light adds a dramatic effect after dark. 

Installation requires a flat and level surface, and the power cables exit via the overflow pipe, needing either a weatherproof dual-socket or hard-wiring into an RCD-type box.

Paradise Raised Water Table

Available in two sizes, this feature offers a gentle water movement element. The installation is simple, with virtually no ground preparation needed. It includes a pump, hose, and a reservoir/sump, with a raised design that sits above ground, making it an easy addition to any garden space.

Riple Round Water Table

This round water table is a visual delight, boasting an easy installation process. The pump and LED driver unit require a flat and level surface for setup. With clear power requirements and an advanced closed-water circuit, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Somni Rectangular Water Table

A perfect blend of modern design and ease of installation, this rectangular water table is available in various sizes. Like its counterparts, it requires a flat and level surface and comes with a PUMP/LED spout. 

The installation process is straightforward, with the power cables exiting via the overflow pipe.


Our Installation Advantage

We take pride in offering exceptional installation support and services, ensuring that adding a corten steel water feature to your garden is as seamless as possible.

For those who prefer a hands-off approach, our skilled installation team is available to manage the entire process. From the initial placement to the final touches, our team provides a hassle-free installation, allowing you to enjoy your new water feature without any of the usual stress or complications.

How We Can Help

For those who prefer professional installation, we have established partnerships with local installers across the UK. These skilled professionals are familiar with our range of products and can provide a hassle-free installation service, ensuring your water feature is set up perfectly in your garden.

Corten Steel Curved Water Bowl **SALE**

Incorporating Weathering into Installation

Initially, your new corten water feature will display a dark, oily look. Position it in an area exposed to the elements to start the natural weathering process, which can take 3 to 9 months. This period is vital as it allows the steel to develop a protective rust layer that enhances both its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Corten Steel Curved Water Bowl

The Final Touch to Your Corten Steel Water Feature Installation

After the steel has achieved a desirable rusted appearance, apply Owatrol Oil to seal and stabilise the rust layer. This minimises future runoff and ensures the feature maintains its stunning rustic look without further maintenance hassles. The application is simple and can be integrated into the initial setup, transforming installation into a comprehensive care routine for your water feature.

Corten Steel Water Features

Decorate Your Garden With Ease

Explore our diverse range of corten steel water features today, or contact us for more information. Complex installations need not hold you back. Act now and bring the harmonious blend of nature and art to your outdoor space.