Double Twist Ring Shank Nails
Double Twist Ring Shank Nails

Stainless Steel Double Twist Shank Nails 50mm x 2.75mm - 1kg

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  • 7431.1
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Product Summary
  • Stainless Steel Double Twist Shank Nails
  • Ideal for fitting Western Red Cedar Shingles & Cladding
  • Weather Resistant Coating
  • Helps minimise splitting
  • Twists ensure a tighter holding power over standard nails
  • Sold in 1kg boxes
  • Approximately 1kg per 4 bundles of Shingles is required
Twisted Shank Nails
Ring Shank Nails and Twisted Shank Nails are ideal for use with Round Wood Cedar Shingles, as well as our Cedar and Softwood Cladding. They are more desirable then a standard nail as the rings in the shank work to hold the timber tight, even in situations where the timber is cupping. Standard smooth nails are far more likely to loose grip and pop out, which can prove very frustrating and time wasting. Ring Shank Nails will provide about 40% more holding power then those with a smooth shank.
Approx. Dimensions & Weight
  • 7431.1 - 50mm x 2.75mm - 1kg
  • 7433.1 - 65mm x 3.05mm - 1kg
  • 7435.1 - 90mm x 3.75mm - 1kg
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