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70 x 42mm Reeded Heveatech Joists
70 x 42mm Reeded Heveatech Joists

70 x 42mm Reeded Heveatech Joists

  • £5.94 per lm£79.20 per m2
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  • 1482
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Product Information
  • Engineered hardwood Heveatech joist
  • Designed for use as subframe for Heveatech decking boards
  • Reeded profile
  • Supplied from an FSC accredited source
  • Natural appearance
  • Warm light teak finish
  • Outstanding durability – 15 year warranty
  • 50% less expansion and contraction that other hardwood decking
  • Exclusive to Round Wood of Mayfield
The Hevea Brasiliensis is better known as the ‘Rubber Tree’. This species has a typical rubber or latex producing lifespan of 25-30 years, after which they have historically been felled and used for firewood, or even discarded. This timber is now used to achieve Heveatech decking. It is cut into small layers, which are bonded together under extreme compression and finished with a solid veneer. The result is an engineered decking board with a uniform moisture content and 50% less potential expansion and contraction than other hardwoods.
Board Lengths
Our Heveatech joists are generally available in 3m & 4m lengths. Please discuss any other requirements you may have with us. Please note that joists may be supplied over length, so you will need to ensure that your fitter has the correct tools on site to cut them down.
Heveatech decking is extremely durable and is particularly suited to the often harsh and variable European climate. It is offered with a 15 year warranty against contamination and decay and a lifetime warranty against termite infestation.

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