Pictured: Sharkstooth Hidden Fastening.
Pictured: Sharkstooth Hidden Fastening.

Sharkstooth Deck Fastenings

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Product Information
  • Sharkstooth Hidden Deck Fasteners
  • Exclusively distributed in the UK by Round Wood
  • Corrosion resistant; manufactured in 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Fit your deck without unsightly face screws
  • Suitable for both softwoods and hardwoods
  • Model allows for 5mm spacing
Pack Information
  • Top-up pack: 250 clips & accompanying nails, 15m2 coverage
  • Trade pack: 1000 clips & accompanying nails, 60m2 coverage
  • These are approximate coverage figures that assume 400m joist centres and 140mm wide boards
  • To calculate precise quantity requirements more precisely see coverage section below
Advantages Over Screws
  • Display deck boards to their full potential
  • Maintain even spacing, (helps air-flow)
  • No vertical fixing, so less moisture build up, (which can lead to rotting)
  • Extremely secure, even when timber shrinks or expands
  • Safer, as cannot pop out of surface
Fitting Instructions
  • Fit first row of boards with a countersunk screw. Fill the hole with a timber plug
  • Drive a fastener into exposed side of these decking boards
  • Nail fastener into joist using stainless steel nail supplied
  • Work your way along this first row of boards at chosen centres, securing Sharkstooth fasteners to the joist
  • Place second row of boards next to firmly fixed first row
  • Use a wooden block and heavy hammer to drive the boards onto exposed teeth
  • Work your way along the second row until it lies parallel to the first.
  • Install the next row of Sharkstooth on the exposed edge of the second row, on the opposite side of the joist to the previous Sharkstooth
  • Work your way across each the deck repeating these steps
Fitting With Hardwoods
For particularly dense hardwoods, such as Ipe, we recommend that a slot for the clip to is pre-routed with a 1.5mm slot cutter. This will make installation easier and prevent splitting. Set the router height so that a slot is cut at the point where the Sharkstooth will penetrate. Cut the slot to a depth of approximately 4mm, its base should be 10mm up from the base of the board. Length of slot should be approximately 30-40mm.
Calculating Quantities
  • Joist centre: 400mm Board Width 90mm – 31 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 450mm Board Width 90mm – 28 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 500mm Board Width 90mm – 25 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 550mm Board Width 90mm – 23 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 600mm Board Width 90mm – 21 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 400mm Board Width 140mm – 21 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 450mm Board Width 140mm – 18 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 500mm Board Width 140mm – 17 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 550mm Board Width 140mm – 15 units per m2
  • Joist centre: 600mm Board Width 140mm – 14 units per m2
  • Use these figures to calculate your minimum requirements. Add two fasteners for each join then round up the total to the nearest 250.
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